About Togetherhood

Togetherhood is a marketplace for independent enrichment providers. We are a trusted source of consistently-outstanding enrichment experiences, across any topic, whether it be arts & crafts, skateboarding, breakdancing, performing arts with Broadway performers, STEM through the lens of Harry Potter or soccer with a former college athlete. We are a safe, secure community where children can experience the world around them, learn and, most importantly, have fun with their friends in programs led by other members of the community. Our mission is to enable consistently outstanding enrichment so that every one (regardless of their circumstances) has the opportunity to become who they aspire to be. We are focused on finding passionate, talented enrichment providers and giving them the autonomy and support they need to create engaging and magical experiences for children.

What You'll Do

You will be matched with opportunities to create your own STEM/Robotics course to teach elementary school students at schools across New York City. These teaching opportunities will be for terms that could last anywhere from 6 weeks to 18 weeks. In this role, you'll have the following responsibilities:

  • Conceive of and create an age-appropriate curriculum for your class
  • Design outcome-based lesson plans
  • Specify the materials you'll need to run the course successfully
  • Consistently arrive at your class on time (or early!)
  • Create and memorable experience for the children in your class to help them grow and develop a passion for Robotics
  • Help children understand the importance of STEM and how it's helped shape you as a person

Who You Are

  • Fun, enthusiastic, experienced STEM/Robotics instructor, with deep experience teaching school age children.
  • Able to create positive class community and build relationships with students
  • Experience leading your own classes
  • Has excitement, joy and passion for teaching kids and personal development/learning
  • Cooperative, supportive, flexible
  • Has a strong work ethic and do whatever it takes mind set
  • Clean background check and at least three references